Friday, September 3, 2010

Finding something that has changed...

Well now I am sorry...but I was reminded by Lies, dear blog I have neglected you...I suppose it is my fault, run out of ideas, or I have been just lazy (or both?)

Have you read the chat log lately? Chat log

It is a fun read, and it seems most of the new posting have been made by the night crew!  A few of the Nessy ones are good too, her tour of the US has made her a limited time US night chatter.  I would like to note, that since i have met Nessy, I find that she is very much like her online persona.  I got to spend a little over a week with her, trying to find thing for her to do in lame Ft. Worth Texas...think I managed ok. Fury and I got to discussing the week and decided planning was not the sheep's strong suite.  But I understand, it would be hard to plan three months of traveling...She has gotten to meet a lot of other SST people though, I think that has made the trip more fun for her.

Now while Nessy was how I thought her to be from online chats, Exocet was VERY different.  He was in Dallas when Nessy was so all four of us met one night for dinner and walking adventures. You automatically form pictures of people in your head, be it as you read a book or chat to a friend online.  I cannot tell you how I thought he looked, but he looked different from what I imagined in my head.  He was also a bit older than I thought.  His SST online 'thing' is Star Trek II and III quoting and the love of certain women (notably Ziyi Zhang).  He has even copyrighted his statement in chat whenever a Movie score of hers comes on.  All for fun, yes, but it shows him as very single minded. But in person he is much different, maybe he does not feel the need to be 'that guy' or he likes being known for that certain thing.  Who knows why people do what they do.  But, where I am going with this is that he is a rather nice guy in person, not once was Ziyi brought up! I do not think the conversation lapsed really, so that is surely saying something.  We three were the first he had met from online, so hope it was a good first impression.

...The lesson? You never really know who that person sitting behind the screen really is!  But I suppose that was already known.  Sharing only that which you think make 'you' in the best chat light...


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