Monday, May 24, 2010

taking state stereotypes to the extreme...

I was having a laugh watching Rukia and Levi spar off in chat the other night...who is the most hillbilly/hick chatter...

To note, Levi is from Tennessee originally (living in Georgia currently) and Rukia lives in the deep south of Louisiana.  So you take whatever generalizations and stereotypes available for those states, take them far to left field and the two have enough ammo against each other fr multiple battles.  All in good fun of course! Apparently Rukia has pet alligators in her backyard and levy likes to play a banjo on his hilltop while eating opossum...or at least he use to...It is just funny because of course none of it is true...but they can go at each other with random state stereotypes for a good 30 minutes if allowed.  Anything gator related has to do with Rukia, either she wrestled them in the bayous or ate it for dinner the other night. Although she does not like that association, we can now blame Levi for burning the two together in our minds...or Nate, whichever you prefer.

Hillbilly Levi I think also likes to chew on wheat, though I am not sure if that has been outrightly stated. I think on the silly Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney, though that I guess it actually in the bayou, I still think of him in a little old rocking chair strumming his banjo. What hill does he live on?  Oh that one over yonder...What was for dinner?  Chili with roadkill as the meat. Overalls?  Still in style.  ...While none of that is true of Levi, Rukia likes to throw it around and of course it is good for a few laughs.  What is the use of silly stereotypes if you cannot have fun with them?  Of course if thrown some sort of generalization, you have to do the same in turn.

...While this has been mentioned before, I just felt inspired to write about them two since they were going on about it two are always a laugh to read!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

...and the winner is?

A silly thing happened in chat, a posting on how random things said lead to more random things and results that really mean nothing...

It is Elmer's fault, him and his goal of stirring up a sort of dead chat got me supposedly challenging him to who was 'better' than the other.  Nessy came up with the little idea of having a poll in the forums to see who other chatters though was better.  I thought it funny, Elmer put up a good fight by promoting the sillyness in the chat and I mostly let it slip by.  Turned out i got the most votes (though Elmer was winning at first) but I think that was the case only because more people knew who I was so Elmer had a bit of a disadvantage there.  Same goes for round two, which Nessy again started, who could get the most requests dedicated to them, double the points if the track had the person's real name in the title.  I thought Elmer had won that, but I won again (who knew?)

I just wanted to bring it up because I thought it amusing that Elmer would think of that or that Nessy would take the little idea and go to the forums, and request box, with it.  I honestly do not think I am better, just more known to other members than Elmer is.  I thought though that it is fun to see how nothing is ever really the same in chat.  Sure the usual people show up at their usual times.  Usual topics of conversation come through the chat. But sometimes, when things get slow or dead, people like Elmer who want things to  be a little more fun or are just bored at work, take things in a totally different direction. Now is that unique to SST? doubtful, but SST is unique in so many other ways, I doubt it would have gone so well otherwise.  Other willingly participated in the fun and Elmer I think enjoyed himself and is secretly waiting to call a rematch!

..I am sure Elmer is better at a great many things, but I win for being older than him on SST!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Thanks to my wonderful chat buddies bru and rukia for the suggestion :)

It was mentioned that real life occurrences, foods or items seem to remind some of SST people, I think that is common enough since you spend enough time with a certain person, unique characteristics develop that are distinctly associated with that person and when theat characteristic shows up in real life you cannot help but remember.  Levi started it with saying that eating a taco at lunch reminded him or rukia.  Of course, any night person would get this reference.  Rukia and Levi have a long history of tacos (another one of those mystical chat food items that demand the utmost reverence) and although rukia seems to still have a really old taco in her fridge, TQA, she usually treats the tacos with love.  So then Bru and Rukia went ahead and wrote other things that reminded them of chatters...

bruiser: i had root beer with lunch.
bruiser: and i thought of levi and ruk
bruiser: every time i see a tutu i think of Petey
Rukia: every time i see/smell coffee i think of andres
bruiser: and when i see a black kitty i thnk of jadey and sydney
Rukia: levi = Zim, buffy, rootbeer,tacos,bacon
Rukia: nate = when anything goes wrong
Rukia: jade = kitties,simba,nala
Rukia: Redjack = lego, bacon, sing along disney tunes
bruiser: BP - Indian food, Morricone
Rukia: bru = bale, future famous authors

Silly, but funny...I could add a few more...I think of bru and rukia, mostly bru, when anything Harry Potter comes up. Rukia is also the Lion King wife, so everything associated with that is a remembrance of her and the lines she must be citing when a song comes up from the soundtrack.  The coffee and Andres association are of course linked as well, he is such a connoisseur one can not but help to think of his expertly brewed coffee when seeing it. Also, tofu.  I saw it at the store, though of him and wondered if it had enough protein to suit his requirements!  I don't mind the stuff, but it is funny how something so simple can bring a thought.

Well thats all that comes to my mind...who and what do YOU think of?