Monday, November 22, 2010

Meeting the Kat...!

I got the privileged to meet Kat this past weekend...spurred by the desire to go see Harry Potter 7.1 with someone else I drove the 4 hours down to San Antonio and spent the weekend meeting another virtual friend.

Going into this meeting was a bit different from others, I was not entirely sure what to expect but I still had a wonderful time meeting the person behind the persona! In any sort of meeting, you go into it with a set of expectations, what the person was like online and how that will differ, or be similar to, their actions in the real world....If anyone knows Kat well, they know Kat is very playful and funny and extremely cute, very much a cat in the chat and sticks to that idea. Of course Kat is not really a cat ;o) sorry to burst any bubbles...but the real Kat was still fun, enjoyable and great fun to just sit around to talk with. We had fun seeing Harry, talking about the cute patronous for Umbridge (the blue cat was far too cute for her) and other random topics that came to mind...Kat was also a very good tour guide, we had fun walking the river of San Antonio and I learned more Texas history at the Alamo! Yay for learning!

The meeting with Kat further showed that no matter how much you talk to someone online it can never replace that face to face meeting and the real hugs one can give. But I was glad I still got the opportunity to go down I can add what i know of the real Kat to all those conversations yet to be had in the SST chat room...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Loss of charm...

I have come to the conclusion that the longer you hang around and listen to the site, the novelty and charm of it wears off quick enough...or perhaps I've spent way too much time there so the charm left quicker for me...

Older members are rare to find on the site, sure some still come around Furyen is one of the oldest members (years on the site not years hes been alive) Andres and Pete count among those numbers too...I joined in 2007 and while that is not too long ago, most of the more active members are those that have joined the past few years. Again, just a general statement as Maddy, Istagi and Lies are oldies but still frequent the site.

What is it that makes SST not so appealing anymore?  I still follow the chat throughout the day...mostly...but I find I listen tot he music less and less...maybe that is because as my own collection expands I find i do not want to listen to random music that I may not like which others put into the queue.  Often enough there are scores I know I do not like so I avoid them consciously, but I have found that SST just doesn't hold the awe that it did when I first joined.  You now know how things work, you've been around the forums enough and you know enough people that things are just comfortable.  I guess you can compare it to any other relationship, things just get complacent.

What keeps you going back?  The people of course, it truly makes up the heart of SST and without it I doubt I would spend my entire day on music is nice, updates are always appreciated, but again more often then not most of it I could care less to hear. Though it is nice on that rare occasion you do find something new that you really do enjoy and might not have heard otherwise. For that, SST I will still visit you and keep your page open at all times...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Finding something that has changed...

Well now I am sorry...but I was reminded by Lies, dear blog I have neglected you...I suppose it is my fault, run out of ideas, or I have been just lazy (or both?)

Have you read the chat log lately? Chat log

It is a fun read, and it seems most of the new posting have been made by the night crew!  A few of the Nessy ones are good too, her tour of the US has made her a limited time US night chatter.  I would like to note, that since i have met Nessy, I find that she is very much like her online persona.  I got to spend a little over a week with her, trying to find thing for her to do in lame Ft. Worth Texas...think I managed ok. Fury and I got to discussing the week and decided planning was not the sheep's strong suite.  But I understand, it would be hard to plan three months of traveling...She has gotten to meet a lot of other SST people though, I think that has made the trip more fun for her.

Now while Nessy was how I thought her to be from online chats, Exocet was VERY different.  He was in Dallas when Nessy was so all four of us met one night for dinner and walking adventures. You automatically form pictures of people in your head, be it as you read a book or chat to a friend online.  I cannot tell you how I thought he looked, but he looked different from what I imagined in my head.  He was also a bit older than I thought.  His SST online 'thing' is Star Trek II and III quoting and the love of certain women (notably Ziyi Zhang).  He has even copyrighted his statement in chat whenever a Movie score of hers comes on.  All for fun, yes, but it shows him as very single minded. But in person he is much different, maybe he does not feel the need to be 'that guy' or he likes being known for that certain thing.  Who knows why people do what they do.  But, where I am going with this is that he is a rather nice guy in person, not once was Ziyi brought up! I do not think the conversation lapsed really, so that is surely saying something.  We three were the first he had met from online, so hope it was a good first impression.

...The lesson? You never really know who that person sitting behind the screen really is!  But I suppose that was already known.  Sharing only that which you think make 'you' in the best chat light...

Monday, May 24, 2010

taking state stereotypes to the extreme...

I was having a laugh watching Rukia and Levi spar off in chat the other night...who is the most hillbilly/hick chatter...

To note, Levi is from Tennessee originally (living in Georgia currently) and Rukia lives in the deep south of Louisiana.  So you take whatever generalizations and stereotypes available for those states, take them far to left field and the two have enough ammo against each other fr multiple battles.  All in good fun of course! Apparently Rukia has pet alligators in her backyard and levy likes to play a banjo on his hilltop while eating opossum...or at least he use to...It is just funny because of course none of it is true...but they can go at each other with random state stereotypes for a good 30 minutes if allowed.  Anything gator related has to do with Rukia, either she wrestled them in the bayous or ate it for dinner the other night. Although she does not like that association, we can now blame Levi for burning the two together in our minds...or Nate, whichever you prefer.

Hillbilly Levi I think also likes to chew on wheat, though I am not sure if that has been outrightly stated. I think on the silly Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney, though that I guess it actually in the bayou, I still think of him in a little old rocking chair strumming his banjo. What hill does he live on?  Oh that one over yonder...What was for dinner?  Chili with roadkill as the meat. Overalls?  Still in style.  ...While none of that is true of Levi, Rukia likes to throw it around and of course it is good for a few laughs.  What is the use of silly stereotypes if you cannot have fun with them?  Of course if thrown some sort of generalization, you have to do the same in turn.

...While this has been mentioned before, I just felt inspired to write about them two since they were going on about it two are always a laugh to read!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

...and the winner is?

A silly thing happened in chat, a posting on how random things said lead to more random things and results that really mean nothing...

It is Elmer's fault, him and his goal of stirring up a sort of dead chat got me supposedly challenging him to who was 'better' than the other.  Nessy came up with the little idea of having a poll in the forums to see who other chatters though was better.  I thought it funny, Elmer put up a good fight by promoting the sillyness in the chat and I mostly let it slip by.  Turned out i got the most votes (though Elmer was winning at first) but I think that was the case only because more people knew who I was so Elmer had a bit of a disadvantage there.  Same goes for round two, which Nessy again started, who could get the most requests dedicated to them, double the points if the track had the person's real name in the title.  I thought Elmer had won that, but I won again (who knew?)

I just wanted to bring it up because I thought it amusing that Elmer would think of that or that Nessy would take the little idea and go to the forums, and request box, with it.  I honestly do not think I am better, just more known to other members than Elmer is.  I thought though that it is fun to see how nothing is ever really the same in chat.  Sure the usual people show up at their usual times.  Usual topics of conversation come through the chat. But sometimes, when things get slow or dead, people like Elmer who want things to  be a little more fun or are just bored at work, take things in a totally different direction. Now is that unique to SST? doubtful, but SST is unique in so many other ways, I doubt it would have gone so well otherwise.  Other willingly participated in the fun and Elmer I think enjoyed himself and is secretly waiting to call a rematch!

..I am sure Elmer is better at a great many things, but I win for being older than him on SST!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Thanks to my wonderful chat buddies bru and rukia for the suggestion :)

It was mentioned that real life occurrences, foods or items seem to remind some of SST people, I think that is common enough since you spend enough time with a certain person, unique characteristics develop that are distinctly associated with that person and when theat characteristic shows up in real life you cannot help but remember.  Levi started it with saying that eating a taco at lunch reminded him or rukia.  Of course, any night person would get this reference.  Rukia and Levi have a long history of tacos (another one of those mystical chat food items that demand the utmost reverence) and although rukia seems to still have a really old taco in her fridge, TQA, she usually treats the tacos with love.  So then Bru and Rukia went ahead and wrote other things that reminded them of chatters...

bruiser: i had root beer with lunch.
bruiser: and i thought of levi and ruk
bruiser: every time i see a tutu i think of Petey
Rukia: every time i see/smell coffee i think of andres
bruiser: and when i see a black kitty i thnk of jadey and sydney
Rukia: levi = Zim, buffy, rootbeer,tacos,bacon
Rukia: nate = when anything goes wrong
Rukia: jade = kitties,simba,nala
Rukia: Redjack = lego, bacon, sing along disney tunes
bruiser: BP - Indian food, Morricone
Rukia: bru = bale, future famous authors

Silly, but funny...I could add a few more...I think of bru and rukia, mostly bru, when anything Harry Potter comes up. Rukia is also the Lion King wife, so everything associated with that is a remembrance of her and the lines she must be citing when a song comes up from the soundtrack.  The coffee and Andres association are of course linked as well, he is such a connoisseur one can not but help to think of his expertly brewed coffee when seeing it. Also, tofu.  I saw it at the store, though of him and wondered if it had enough protein to suit his requirements!  I don't mind the stuff, but it is funny how something so simple can bring a thought.

Well thats all that comes to my mind...who and what do YOU think of?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Elmer...Canadians to the rescue!!

Well here it is, Elmer has interested me enough to feel that a blog post should be written...also I am coming up short on new ideas about SST!  BUT, new member posts are always welcomed I suppose...

First off, Elmer is a great guy, how could one who loves Bear McCreary music not be awesome?! He is from Canada, and while Pete would warn you against the women there Elmer seems to be a nice example of the species.  He is fairly new as well, so it goes a lot towards his credit that he has stuck it out this long, found a place to fit and and perhaps make a few friends as well.  He was even asking for our facebook pages, its officials, we have been friended!!  He also has tested the waters with Istagi and his new Thanator pet Fluffmuppet, so again that is another good example of his strong character. Not many see the face of Istagi and live to come back to chat another day.  He is a friend of the cookie love, happy to have another cookie fiend in the grouping of course. It really does make me happy to see new people who become a part of that fixed chat presence. Most often they come, stay a few days, then not seen again, but Elmer really has made a name for himself.

I do not know much else about him, one of the non personal types, but that is peachy.  He is a BMCFC! member, a friend who loves good music, what else is there that needs to be known? I have not seen him get into the really silly stuff, but he is a working member so I suppose work chat does not get as crazy...though it has it's moments of course. He has shown that he can go with the silly turns as Istagi is unpredictable.  He has also shown a keen liking to LMarrese, but who doesn't? Besides Pete that is...The Canadians were bound to unite at some point, too bad (as mentioned earlier) Elmer has not met Arya...maybe their paths will cross one of these days...Canadians are not always represented in big numbers, but those few members that make themselves known are certainly sure to be unique elements in the chat...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Always in motion...

Change is always constant, I think this is an obvious point to everyone...Being on SST for a little over 3 years (short compared to many others) I find it interesting to see how little things have changed over that course of time, many in recent months it seems...

Little things on the site always seem to be added, was there a time before favorite lists?  How the heck did you remember what you liked? Or right, you had to remember them in your head!  Funny how you cannot see how things functioned well without such an add-on.  While many changes seem sort of useless (IN MY OPINION) such as little stars in the queue or scrolling forum box text thingamajig, I suppose they serve some additional site enhancing purpose in the eyes of they who own this joint. I Suppose the site has to by dynamic, if things never got added then things would get a little boring there. Sometimes its fun to find something new added to the site...then the novelty wears off, as with anything new and shiny.

Then there are the people changes.  I usually don't mind when people come and go, most of them I am not really attached to, it is the way of things on SST.  You get new people who hop into chat, you get others who never come back for some reason (I think some get rather intimidated by other chatters).  I suppose everyone has their reason to leave, but sometimes it is hard to not see that person there.  I will say, when they do come on it is nice to chat up a storm once again, maybe that is their purpose? They want you to miss them more so they leave for a month just to show how much you miss them!  Plan uncovered, I am on to you now!! *evil giggle*  Or others decide to change their roles on the SST crew. But again, life changes, things come around and you find your attachments to SST waning.  Such is life.  We see, we enjoy the times we have...and we have a nice chat with those lost friends who find their way back, if only for a brief period...

Please don't leave forever, you would be too greatly missed...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finite Content

Well, as SST does change, it is not always a quick and sudden things, more glacial if I were to compare it to any sort of movement...what am I supposed to keep writing on?  What I see is still the same, silly, serious, about the art of trying to be different?

How does one manage to stick above the crowds that *sometimes* fill the SST chat box, or even if it is not crowded, there are still quite a few people on the site who are regular.  How do you make out your little niche? I suppose each chat persona is at least a part of the real persona of the person.  It seems to me that those brave enough to even enter the chat take their time to figure things out.  Do I say this, or that?  Do I tell them I like those better than these?  Do I run with where this crazy chat is heading towards?  Am I brave enough to just run with the oddity? How much do I need to kiss to get ahead here?  Nothing against any of you on that site, I just find it humorous how some people choose specific points to emphasize, no one really seems to be the stiff upper lip type, but I suppose to survive long you have to have a sense of humor.  Anyways, why would you frequent a chat box if it reminds you just of the same life you have away from the computer screen?  I suppose when one chooses their screen name, that has a lot to do with it as well.  You choose the name Kellybug, you will be forever associated with bugs, but cute little ones because Kelly is a nice little name. You choose the name Rukia and you decide to be connected to that anime character who likes swords and freezing temperatures.

You choose how to show yourself to the chat box, obviously, so I suppose that is the point...was there a point? How do you pick your level of sillyness?  Or does it just come out without you really meaning it to? I find that others tend to bring it out in me, but I think those others have to either consciously do it or think they need to be that way in order to keep their niche. Do they go outside who they are in real life just to have a place in the chat box just for them?  I'd like to think that none of the regular chatters are in-genuine with who they are, they are just as quirky in real life as well. You have to be a certain type of person to last on SST, maybe that goes with being that certain type who loves soundtracks as well.  Not a large category, but larger than one first thinks...but everything has its limit...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Uses Of SST

In regards to what people get out of SST, I have touched on that topic a bit with each member posting a then a little more in random general postings, but thought I would establish a single post about what I see people use SST for...

I think the majority of people use SST as a way to escape into a little internet world.  In regards to where a person logs on from (work or home) defines how deep that person needs SST.  Those that come on at work I think see it as a way to get away from the boring work day, while listening to great music along the way of course. They found the site through an interest in soundtrack music and stayed because somehow the company was so enjoyable that SST became a part of their lives.  Of course some leave for long stretches of time...some never come back...but I suppose sometimes real life can get in the way of things. To log on at home I think means you found something more.  You take up your free time and spend it with the online community and in the process become closer to all the regular members.  You find SST to be a more integral part of your life because you would rather be on the site than out conversing with other real life flesh and blood people.  the company is more enjoyable on SST perhaps, I think that is my main reason.  You become hooked, you want to keep up with other people's activities and daily life on the site.  To miss a week may mean a large gap in your knowledge base about these people. But there is no harm in that, obviously, I am not as attached as I once was, but I am online nearly the entire day...

Others, those in lesser numbers and those who do not stay long, use SST for their own gain.  Be it just to peeve other unknown people or take advantage of kindness so rare on the net these days.  No site is perfect, everyone has their issues, the large community base means SST gets more recognition than others sites I think.  Sometimes it is harder to figure out who these malicious people are, why would they take advantage of such a nice place?  Do not ask me, I can only guess. There are those that are too lonely and see the site as a cheap form of therapy or help. I suppose they figure 'friends' are supposed to give advice for free, but there is a line and few do not even care when they cross it.  To use others for this goes against what SST has become...If you assume something from this, take it as you like...

I write what I think I see, if you need to correct me please feel free.  I am just a blogger, what use am I? expose the wrongs and write the rights I hope!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have neglected a prominent member of the chat crew, though I have mentioned him in passing a few times before, I thought that perhaps he deserved his own posting!  So here it is...*cues "Prelude to War" by Bear McCreary*

Istagi is someone who you do not want to be on their bad side;  heck, half the time you don't want to be in the chat with him for fear he may moon or let out excess gas from either end at any moment without warning.  But, regardless, he is always interesting to read, though irritating things may become.  Never one to hold his opinions back he will certainly make sure you understand the fact that hippie food was not meant to be eaten by normal human beings.  He is never far from his bow or medicine kit (yes, Istagi is a native and yes you are standing on his ancestor's land) and is having fun trying to figure out what to do with his new net tail! He is always never short on anything to say and will make sure all in chat know this fact as well.  He hates talking to stupid people, but yet that is his job which he cannot get rid of.  Sometimes, it is truly fascinating to hear the stories of stupid questions he gets asked, how do these people live?  Questions of the universe never to be answered I am afraid.

Though he is crass and certainly can be hard to like, many do find him likable, even known to give him a few huggings should the moment arise. Him and Lies surely can get things going, long term friends are hard to find on the net.  Although there are many things to  irritate some, he certainly does add his own unique presence to that chat.  Everyone adds something, though not always useful, mostly it is still found to be amusing and fun at times. Just as I would never wish him to leave, I get a good laugh out of him and I am learning to like him more and more as I get to know him longer. I like when he brings up stupid crap people do, random links to cats being rolled over by toy cars, endless stories of his life as he knows it.  Whatever it is, chat hold a special place for Istagi...and that is that...!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Art of Teasing

Go read some reviews i posted on SST! Miss Austen Regrets and The Young Victoria. Both excellent films as well!  Fall in love I suppose, or be like Jane and just look for money...

BUT that is not the subject of this posting! It takes a clever person to tease, its takes a bigger person to take the teasing!  The greatest example is my bad spelling that Rukia so kindly has taken to keeping track of!  I love a good laugh, no one dishes it better than the night crew of SST.  When the chat gets going with Levi, Rukia, Bru and even Nate and Andres if they are around, who knows the wild things that can come out of peoples mouths!  Or fingers as it may be...There was a lovely tease going on Thursday night with all the silly blogs that Jade could write about, my favorite was "Embracing my Inner Blonde"  thought up by Rukia...It goes back to that point of how much do you tell in chat?  Yes I cut a box where it was not supposed to be cut!  Yes I have my dumb moments, yes i wrote it in chat!  It was funny though, I like a good tease every once and a while. Squiddy would be proud that he is still noted in chat as well.

But it should be noted that teasing in chat is done in the sport of laughter and fun and should never really be taken seriously, Nate has taken a lot of chat teasing (why that man is picked on so much I have yet to full understand: research ongoing).  You pick out the sill things, you skew the facts a bit (or a lot) and you run with it!  There are no rules, there never are, just be big enough to take the teasing and do not let it get to yo, if you are on the receiving end that is.  I think it takes a close nit group to be able to get to that high level of tease, where you really like the person and are comfortable enough with them to be at that point where you can tease and know it is all just a joke.  You laugh at their expense, but you would have to know they would soon laugh right back at you if that point came.  I like to catch Rukia when she makes spelling mistakes, like she wrote "FRO" instead of FROM and I shot back at her with a little ghetto, FRO realz rukia?!?! I laughed, she laughed, who wouldn't laugh at my silly jokes? If you are not laughing then :P But then redjack proceeded to throw a fro at me which was not appreciated, but I still laughed.

Things may run out quickly, or they may go on for a while.  Some times the teasing can be long winded, they are still going on about silly blog titles!  The newest one is Bru: Blog 3: Bale in my Crawlspace - An Adventure!  -- Tank tops and Bawl Babies...Are you laughing yet?  Perhaps you would need to know Bruiser better to really get the tease, but it is worth it. Laughing so hard your side hurts, when was the last time you did that?  Smile a bit, it is all in good fun :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Great Game

This post idea came from Sockenfussel, thanks!  We were talking about chat dynamics and she brought up the idea that being in a chat room like SST is like role playing, in a way.  The chat room is the stage and you create for yourself your chat character, defined by that user name you chose when first coming on to the site and whom you will forever be known play on dear chatters...

The member posts have sort of touched on the idea that each person has created for themselves a unique persona and that is how they are known.  They are loud, they are hug maniacs, they are deep composer thinkers and so on...just to generalize of course.  It would be interesting to meet everyone from chat just so I could compare them to their chat persona.  I have met two of the members I wrote about on here, I did write little comparisons between their two faces, but two is too small a number to really say if the persona played in chat is really who that person is.  I know to some degree, who you are in chat is a part of that real physical you (though I suppose some people do go so far as to be totally not themselves, but I'd like to think they are a small minority).  Perhaps those characteristics of your personality that are subdued in real life come to the front in your chatting life, you are quiet and reserved around people in real life but in chat somehow you cannot help but be loud and silly.

But regardless of the similarities, there are many things that you would never really do to someone if you met them in real life.  General chatting in a friendly environment would not likely produce some of the crazy antics that have occurred in chat, but that is because you are, in a way, more free in chat.  You have a virtual world at your disposal were reality doesn't necessarily need to come in to play at all.  the chat room, for example, has everything one could need...I even  made a cute little Shaun White snow man yesterday with virtual snow (his pretty red hair was made with licorice).  Istagi has a tail, brought on by Avatar of course, but he enjoys his virtual tail, except when Phire lights it on fire...Little pieces to create that unique chat persona apart from who you are outside.  I suppose you get the idea by whatever you want to be...share as much as you want and keep hidden everything you can.  You are not really seen by anyone, so what would they know?

So we go into chat everyday, put on our username and play along with the rest of the group...hopefully you have fun with it because thats the point of it, to have fun (i hope so at least)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Quote on Brew-meister...

I suppose another chatter is needed, lighten up the mood a bit anyways.  Therefore I present BrewersGuy, although a recent addition tot he SST day crew, he has surely made for himself a name and personality most always enjoy to meet.

If anything could be said about the guy, it is that he loves to quote those quotable movies. It should be a well known fact that now all movies are quotable, you cant think of lines off the top of your head from every film, but then there are others that are a plethora of awesome quotes.  Comedies seem to be the most easily quoted, but Star Trek and Aliens likes to be quoted a lot as well.  But i digress, BrewersGuy can quote most anything but his favorites seem to be Airplane and Spaceballs. Just queue up a track off those films and he can go on and on with quotes.  Of course, often others join the movie quoting when a track comes up, but Brew seems to be a big player.  He noted one time in chat that he loved to quote and could quote almost any film.  I had asked if his girl knew of this hidden talent, and he told me not yet to the extreme! I am sure he could out quote anyone, if you got him going.

Besides the quotes, he loves to hug and tackle hugs any lady that comes in chat and for some reason has taken a liking to pretending I am a horse (I still have not figured that one out yet). He is a very nice guy, loves to flirt and loves to be silly as often as he can.  It is always fun to have him around and like everyone else, he adds so much to the chat that he is certainly noticed when absent.  It was interesting to see him first come on to the chat and find his footing and place within the chat, but he seems to have had no problem with all of that. Some shy away from the sillyness that usually occurs, be he just stepped right up and added to the mayhem. I think that says something good about his long term prospects.  But hey, its just a chat room.

...and there it is, another lesser known to mark the pages, quote on...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Much too Much?

How much is too much? I suppose its a valid observation to make about a chat community, SST certainly falls into that category.  I am not saying there is a right or wrong answer to that question, just throwing it out there to think on.  Just my view on the subject, what I've seen...

I think SST is a great place, lots of different sorts of people find their way to the site.  I've noted before how some members share more than others, not that any of them are wrong to do so.  But sometimes I wonder if there is a line somewhere when things should not be shared any further. You ask this person you know how their day was, they say it was awful and go into the details of the not so nice day at work, or whatever.  This person comes in, goes into great length about some family issues, how they cannot really cope and the people in chat are left to try and deal because you really don't like to see people down, but what can you do?  You are just an anonymous stranger who knows how far away.  Should you really indulge that sort of pouring out? Its nice to know details of someone's life, it helps you to get to know that person, but at some point it gets to be a whining thing and there should be a 'do not disturb' sign hung around that chatter's neck.

I suppose some feel that SST chat is one of the only outlets for them, they have no other friends really who would sit there and listen, or read as the case may be.  So they use what they have, in the hopes that someone will be able to comfort them. But what is truth?  How can you be sure of anything anyone says?  I guess that is taking it a bit too far, as you get to know these chatters you learn to trust them, you hope for the best in them.  You want what is best for them, even if you know them just through an online chat.

I believe though, there should be a point where one realizes their complaints and troubles are a bit too much for the chat to handle.  I believe people should be more aware of who the others are in the chat and what they really want to hear.  But i also believe that not everyone is so aware and not everyone really cares.  They just want to spew their troubles and that is it.  Care for me please!!! I am so lonely and so depressed!!!

Did I anger you?  Well these are my observations....take them at that....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Following and Creating a Train

So again with the long wait, no protests heard yet...! I thought a post about Trains would be nice, since Rukia and I had the fortune to have a fun go at it yesterday, though not a true train because there were songs in between, it was still fun.

It is amusing to note that most trains that I have done are usually just random thoughts and really had no pre thought of idea before it was begun, or it even may have begun on accident.  You selected a few songs that are similarly themed and decide to just run with that and see how many tracks or albums you can find with that theme.  Last night we ended up doing a curse word train, started with my razzing Rukia with a Cocaine Cowboys track that she laughed at the first time I requested, had the word motherfuker in it.  So she then proceeds to select another track with *** in lieu of a title and I followed suit.  it was a fun train, interesting to find how many tracks have swear words that were ***.  I made a comment in chat though, when Redjack noted that the Mickey Blue Eyes track really didn't coincide with the track title "Fuckin Cookies" It was a pleasant upbeat happy track, not the anger driven song one expected.  I thought it interesting that these track titles with their swear words astericked out don't necessarily reflect the feeling of that swear word. I guess that goes to show that titles do not always tell you what is in store for the song.  We had fun with the train, got some funny comments in chat asking why there were so many bad words in the queue, Rukia blamed it on too much sugar and I blamed it on her!  Only fitting I think.

I have not done a true train in a long while, usually the queue is too busy or I just do not stay up late enough.  I found in interesting that another member, LadyInque who is a scholar, is actually writing a paper on SST, trains and why members do them.  I am not sure entirely what the paper covers, but it is interesting because an academic thought it worthy enough to write about this little aspect of SST! I would be interested to read her paper when done, but when she asked me why I did trains I just said I thought it fun to try to get in as many tracks as you could without interruption and sometimes it is a good way to fill a small queue when you are unsure what to request.  I also admitted that I did like to see my name a bunch of times together in the queue.  I have not been lucky enough though to get an entire queue to myself, though others have and I applaud them for that!

It is just another aspect of SST that I think makes this place unique and fun.  Trains with another are great too because you get to compete, in a way, in who can find the most tracks or weirdest tracks in line with the train theme.  It is also a way to maybe find new music that you would not have requested otherwise.  It is also a challenge to find a unique theme to attempt.  It is another way to have fun and enjoy the site a little my humble opinion...!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Importance of Fan Clubs

Another general observation of the chat, there can never be too many fan clubs nor can there ever be too much enthusiasm for a single composer.  The fan clubs, generally abbreviated to FC play an important part in the chat room, it tells everyone who/what you love enough to shout out at every track that is a part of that grouping.

I believe the fan club trend started with Hisaishi and Morricone, both are the most popular fan clubs in the chat and seem to be the core fan clubs that are present throughout. There are random branches that people like to yell out, be it the VGFC or the HZFC, those members tend to just use the FC idea to express their love of a particular artist or genre as is the case for the VGFC which seems to be comprised of one member. The way this goes about is you yell out HFC...or whatever fan club it may be at the given time a track is played.  This lets everyone in the chat know what you like.  I think this is important due to the fact that you can associate with different members who you know like similar scores. Open up suggestions of other composers closely related or tell of the new score of said composer that you recently received.  It is just another tool really to add depth to the chat and give a little more info about people that make the place a more dynamic place to be.

While I noted above which were the original fan clubs, it is still fun to see random people make up random fan clubs.  Most notably to me is the VGFC, I suppose just by writing it here I give it far too much credit.  Just a random fan club started by ClassCE, one which for a while has not taken over the queue so that is good.  But when it gets going, beware of the potentially fatal video game tunes that may come up.  I love many composers, but cannot state that i proudly wear any fan club badge, I like to think I make my opinions clear just by yelling when someone picks a track/composer I enjoy.  Another side note of the FC yell is the Ned and BSG yells. While NED far exceeds many little fan clubs, it only has one score so it has fewer chances.  But it is still popular and always when a track plays from Waking Ned Divine, at least 4 members will yell out his name and even offer up a toast.  Not an official FC, but i would think it comes as close as one can get.  Battlestar Galactica is a smaller offshoot, not as many people yell BSG when it comes up anymore, there use to be a far bigger grouping.  I am among those, but what can I say, I love the music. But still, sometimes, often you will get the occasional yell in appreciation of Bear's music scoring.

Just another facet of a multi layered room, the fan clubs are fun to note and even more interesting to find who likes what. Just another way to let others know where you stand on certain types of music...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lmarrese & Maddy

Well it was noted that if i posted about Pete, I had to tell the other side of the story, that would be the LMarrese side of it here goes...

LMarr is a Canadian, but don't let that totally shape your judgement of her.  If Pete had his way no Canadian women would be allowed on SST for they are far too dangerous her says.  But I rather like this Canadian.  She is also known as the resident smurf due to her blueish color, or maybe it is just because it is so darn cold up north.  Either way, she certainly stands out in the chat, both by her color and her personality. She is an expert at bringing out the worst in Pete and it is always comical.  Maddy tags along and sometimes Pete can dig a very deep whole when they are on the chat.  She often does not say much, but what she does say is usually knee deep in sexual innuendos or sarcasm, I suppose the two go well together and she executes it perfectly. She knows how to be sly and coy and has been around long enough to have a well established place in the chat system.  I am sure she is a great person to meet as well, as many others can attest to.  But my favorite is the dynamic with Pete.  The road to her trip to Chicago to meet Pete was funny, plots to do away with her and the ending of the world were predicted, but alas, to Pete's disappointment he claims, none occurred. She is ever kind, always greeting everyone and although her main duties lie on other stations, she is a mainstay none the less on SST still.

A little bit on Maddy, known best as the one who will always hug you no matter who you are, her cat hug links have become a thing of chat legend.  She always finds new hug links each day and usually the next one is cuter than the one that came before.  Always bad at lurking, but still there none the less.  She doesn't mind going on about her travels, work or cat which others always find interesting to hear about.  Those little tid bits about a chatter's daily life that get you a little closer to know who they really are.  Although no two are alike, it is easy to spot those who share and those who do not.  Another long time member, she as well has a well established place in the chat.  Also her teasing of Pete is ever enjoyable and usually good for a laugh.

Did that do them well?  A little maybe...I think things are slowing down...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Importance of Links

Well here we are in the general again.  Something that is ever important to the chat environment is the link, usually to pictures but often to other random pages be it news articles or various geek stuff out there to buy.  The link is important because it is able to say things that cant be said, express feelings or just share neat things one has found with the others of the chat, the link plays a unique role in bringing the people of the chat a little closer together.

I think the most common use of the link is to share funny/cute/ugly/funny pictures that are found by various chatters.  Maddy is known for her hug pictures, usually the cutest cats she can find cuddled up with each other.  Han is the 'Link King' having a random link for what it seems like every song or score there is in the playlist.  Sometimes very obscure references, but he most often has a link when you need one! Lieserl use to post the most random and weird picture links, sometimes you had to wonder who would ever put some of those on the internet.  People post links for films to stress a quote they are making or just to help other chatters visualize what they are trying to say. Picture links add to the quality of the chat I believe, giving a visual aid is always helpful, on or off the net.

Links of course are also most helpful to share random information or news stories.  Last night they were going on about Anime swords, links were abundant as they showed off the best reproductions they could find.  Linking to a site is the only way otherwise to really let others know what you are looking at, describing all those swords would of taken a lot longer. Links are the short way I suppose you could sum up, to get others interested in what it is you are looking at.  I have seen a lot of weird stuff as well to buy that I am sure I never would have found if it were not for some link posted by a chatter.  Youtube also proves valuable in linking, the power of videos and music is multiplied now with the ability to have it at quick access.  Little things to lighten up the chat, like the random Sesame Street video about the word Concentrate, brought to you by Elmo and Hugh Jackman. Had no relevance, but it was funny, made me laugh and I am sure brightened a few days. How else to see such nice looking people without links?

I suppose this is a pretty obvious observation about the chat, but I guess it was notable enough for its own posting...not as eloquent as the last I am afraid...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pete the Great

I think I am forgetting you dear blog, unsure of what people want to read or what i should tell about this little story...

Once upon a time, in a windy suburb of Chicago lived a man unlike any who had roamed this earth.  For he was a great mystery to all that met him, on one hand he was kind friendly and helpful, on the other he was in great fear of the fairer sex and his knowledge of things economic and political could scare anyone out of their pants. How does one come to terms with the vastly different views of a single man?  Answer, you learn to appreciate the complex, awesomely intelligent man that is Pete.

He is another long time member, although one needs to reference other members as yet unwritten about to talk about Pete, I will do my best.  Pete acts as a lighting rod for many of the women of SST for their teasing and lewd remarks. He of course, bring it on himself when he goes on about the evilness of the wimmenz! He brings on the torment, especially from Lmarrese and Maddy who cannot help but tease him and point fingers at all his little silly remarks about women.  He has this persona about him that they are all evil, no man is safe and that they are all intent on destroying Pete. When I first met him, he first thought I was a guy and tried to steer me clear of the women, but soon found out my true nature and was content to deal with me as a potential, but not quite enemy yet.  He especially has it in for the northern ladies, they seem to make him even more bothered than those in the states. But I soon learned that his reputation was one of wimmenz hating and silly sarcastic remarks about them.  I soon found out that none of it was true.  He is in fact a loving husband and caring father who would as soon help you with anything than truly wish you harm.  Just don't say that in public!

His other side is his wit and intelligence of all things economic.  That is the field he works in, so of course he would be most knowledgeable about those issues.  My limited knowledge has been enhanced by his remarks, but it takes a skilled eye to sort through the truth and the sarcastic interpretations.  The recent economical issues surely have given him a lot more ammo for his gun, but he always has insight into issues that one would never have found otherwise.  It is apparent which side he stands on, the Pete side. The random little economic articles really have given me a lot to think about and surely those on late at night to talk to him without the wimmenz will find a lot of interesting conversations.  With Andres and Nate he can go one for hours about the different issues, their ideas and insights that are much more informative than any news broadcast.  With BhelPuri he'd go on for hours about the music he shouldn't be buying yet cannot help it.  He is truly a sweet guy, but he likes to hide behind his manly man armor and economic prowess. Hes good for a laugh as he gets abused by the women, but they all truly know he is having just as much fun!

Epic novels will be written about what he does, but for now, just a side note on an obscure blog will have to do...

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Twin Ladies of Mayhem

...also known as Arya and Lieserl.  After a few days break, i was busy with random stuff, I decided to take on a challenge with this post.  Arya and Lies are long time members with huge personalities and huge reputations on the chatroom and on the site in general.  Although both are rather sparse now a days, both have left their mark on the site and will never be forgotten...not that they are gone forever...ever!

Arya came to mind because today is her birthday so she popped in to chat to say hello and thank you for the well wishes.  But in some regards you cannot talk about Arya without also talking about Lies.  The two were once like twins, completing each others thoughts and getting into the most crazy of mischief that one could imagine in the chat room.  If you could imagine a crazy world where anything is possible, these two would surpass that idea.  Arya, the crazy wilderness girl from far p north, she hunts, she photographs, she builds potato cannons and knows how to use any number of guns.  A wild child for sure, but also a ton of fun and very neat person to get to know. I remember when I first was on at nights in that chat and sometimes when these two were there some of the craziest stuff I ever read would go down.  Epic battles of huge proprtion, Arya always finding new weapons stored away in the chat room or nearby bar. Somehow she always seemed to survive though with only a few hairs missing.  To live up to Arya's battles is a feat no one can manage.  She would also go one about her hunting adventures or what her various siblings or pets had been up to.  The adventures with her school were also fun to tag along with.  While she is missed in chat, I suppose life doesn't always allow for constant SST contact.

On the other side of the equation you have Lieserl, a woman who will forever be the random, link posting, new words making squeeing person on SST, hands down. I do not think a few lines in here will ever portray who Lies really is.  She is probably the craziest person I know on chat, I am sure she is just as crazy in person too.  She is an artist, and an awesome one at that that too.  Some of the things she draws, I cannot help but wonder what it would be like to be in that mind for a few hours.  She will post the most random and stupid pictures when she is bored and are few are worth a laugh.  She can go on about See Beebees for hours if she is in the mood, or she could go on about video games or James Cameron if the idea strikes her. She will call people out on their stupid remarks or put a new member back in line if there is a need.  She too has become a rare siting in the chat, but she too is missed by all those who know her. She will never stop short of voicing her opinions on issues and she is a loud presence in chat, as I am sure she is in real life.  No one can really compete with her when she is on, more so follow along and hope to be able to swim in her wake. A force to be reckoned with I suppose she could be labeled as.  It was funny, as stated above, when her and Arya were in the room together they would go on the weirdest tangents and get into the weirdest things.  I suppose one thing they prove in chat is that you are only limited in the chat room by your imagination and your ingenuity to write it all out.

I suppose a ton more could be written on the two ladies, but I suppose I did them at least a little justice with this small posting!  I wont be so long gone next time, promise! ..if anyone really cares... :P

Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthdays and Other Ramblings

Well, I suppose those who read know it was my birthday yesterday, if you did not know, well thanks...!

Not sure what there is to blog about, but I thought a post on Birthdays was a little appropriate.  When one has a birthday on SST most often members request a track in their honor. it is a very nice gesture and with the added feature of Favorite Lists, the requesting is made that much easier.  It just mad me feel so happy and all I did was sit at the computer.  i did have a nice birthday indeed.  I was surrounded by friends, what could be better?  it is an interesting phenomena on SST, when the chat gears up and makes it 'YOUR' day.  They try to request things you like and try to make you feel welcomed.  I suppose that is not much different than any other day, minus the requesting bit. It is a comfort to know that if you are stuck home alone on your birthday, you will still most likely have a fun day.

Sock, the wonderful woman that she is, even wrote an Ode for me.  Who does that?  I have never had anything written about me in that manner and yet here, this woman I barely know found inspiration in SST and me to give me something so thoughtful on my birthday. I think that proves a good point, SST really does have a special group of people that would have no other home on the net if this station was not around. What brings such a unique group of people, who are able to be so friendly and kind to complete strangers?  Is the genre of score music that impressive that it plucks the best out?  Well, thats not entirely true since the site does get its jerks. Score music is unique in that it isn't as widely popular as other genres, with a select group actually buying into it.  But I think I've gone off whatever topic I had started...

Observations are subjective and are prone to change.  The more you get to know people the better your understanding of them becomes.  I know SST is a dynamic place, new members arrive, new scores get added...I think though some people do grow out of their need for SST.  In the short time I have been there, many people have gone and few have returned from long stays away.  What am I getting at?  Observations only go so far till there is nothing left you can observe from afar...Sorry for the ramblings...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Unexpected Love

 Well, some may know, I will hit that quarter century mark this Sunday and as a kind thoughtful, UNEXPECTED gesture, friends off of SST sent me a gift!  i know this is sort of off the whole 'observation' theme, but I think i can connect it...if you permit...

Receiving something from an online friend is a way, I think, to become closer to that friend.  The internet can only do so much, I think we all know this. It is funny too how when you seem to be a little down, those online friends are able to cheer you up with their silly antics, their virtual hugs or just lending an eye to read about your issues.  A long running joke at night in regards to me has been my enormous stuffed animal collect, virtual of course.  i use to throw them at Levi as I left, then i gave one to Kelly when she went to bed, I always had to come up with a new animal to send off!  It was fun, another one of those chat quirks that just make you closer with those who live so far from you. My 'favorite' animal soon became squiddy, the giant stuffed squid, original name yes i know...I'd drag him off to bed or offer him to Kelly if she wanted. I do not remember how it became him, just that somehow we got to talking about weird sea creatures and of course squids came up! Needless to say, it was a fun little thing and now I have my own real squiddy!  We had found this great website that has a ton of animals, basically every animal you can think of this site has it.  Levi, Bru and Kelly pitched in together to buy me the Squid :) how sweet is that?  it was so unexpected and so thoughtful.  It made me so happy when I opened the mysterious box! I think this observation proves that friends you make online are as good as real ones, if not better. I will forever cherish my squiddy and smile thinking on my friends I have that remembered.

I also had to make a further note about Rukia!  I know i had mentioned briefly her keeping a list, but yes, here it is officially.  If you are ever in the need to recount all the words i have misspelled (or at least those she remembers) Rukia is now keeping a running list!  They are called Jadeism, hah, and though its embarrassing to misspell, i was doing it a lot on my laptop, so i think i deserve the jest at least. I am ever thankful for spell checkers on Google Chrome and Firefox!! It is funny though when one of them catches on, like poaste. Shows that even little things can bring out a laugh and it is perfectly alright to laugh at yourself over silly mistakes in chat.

Also, had to share a poem of Sock's creation, our resident Shakespeare!

sockenfussel: so fierce a dragon never seen as levi the unyielding,
                        young maidens scream when he arrives.
                          His secret I'm a-shielding,
                    true bards have said of dragon folk
                      "beware his poisonous sting"
                   but I take cover from the world
                      beneath his guardian wing

..Sorry for the bad spacing, but there it is, hello random posting!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Night Mainstays

There are a few chatters that appear often enough during the evening that they become a core part of the night crew as it were. Another multi person post (are there too many?) with the likes of Redjack_Ryan, Rukia and Kellybug making the rounds.

To start, it should be noted that Redjack is the king of LEGO on SST.  He probably is also the bug and carnivorous plant king as well, but I haven't taken a survey so don't quote me on that. He is lucky in the fact that he gets to play with toys often at his job, Tonka trucks 50 times bigger (another statistic I'm not sure on).  He works at a mine and as a result I think many of us have learned a good bit about mining, large giant trucks, cranes and various wildlife that may be spotted at an open pit mine. I love seeing his pictures, of the mine, the wildlife and his various Lego projects.  He is another great guy on the site, humorous and funny, how doesn't mind updating the chatters on what hes building at the moment, his millipede James or work events like helicopter ride alongs. He is also a great singer! Singing to Gaston (and other Disney Villain songs) and random Japanese songs just to prove he can. His shower lurks are infamous as are his dinner ones. He loves epic scores, our tastes are similar in many regards, his truck a.k.a. the Orange Monster is a Decepticon and I hope one day he finds another who shares so many of his interests.  Hes been around longer than I, but it sure has been an adventure getting to know him better.

Rukia, our resident sword wielder, is a crazy college girl who certainly knows how to be silly to the extreme and have a good time. She takes her name from a character in the anime Bleach, which her and Redjack love, and she really does have a sword!  Side note, her sword does not shoot out yummy cookies for the enjoyment of chat, if you wondered.  Her and Kelly make a great act to watch, countering about heights, tininess and swords that kill with ice.  Kelly is a recent addition, but shes has taken well to the others, becoming like a little bug we all have to protect.  Shes very cute in her comments, how do you describe that better? She doesn't say much but what she says she means.  She is also the resident nurse! Ready to put her nurse hat on and stick thermometers where needed to ensure your healthy.  lucky for us since it seems people get sick often enough. Rukia has a way with gummy bear links, Rukia drawings and random cuteness that can kill all who dare look at it. Its always fun the be silly in chat, its a way to escape the mundane life, these two are exceptional at that and when you get them going it is hard to stop. Levi and Bru of course add to the sillyness, the entire night crew works like a giant monster, a silly giggling monster.

I suppose that is at least a little glimpse at these three, great friends who are the lifeblood of the nights.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Bru & Levi Duo

Two of the night crew regulars that constantly show up and add their special spark to the life of SST chat, Bruiser and Leviathan.

I should start with Levi because I have known him the longest, but even our knowing of each other is a short span of time.  Recently hes become a more constant figure on at night and I am certainly glad for that.  His persona is that of a fierce dragon, Sir_Rideout being the knight who keeps failing in slaying him and Catcalloway his evil arch nemesis who may be just a cat, but is a devilish one at that. Levi and Cat convos are so original and comical they should have all been saved and kept in a large volume.  It is like scenes out of the old Looney tunes, the Coyote and Road Runner constantly delivering dynamite in flowers and various explosive devises strewn about the room. His comedic persona comes out even more at night when he is free to do anything his mind could come up with.  he lives off of chili and tacos with the occasional cookie thrown in for good measure. He is cute, sweet and every girl's dream of a nice guy.  he brings such a comedic air to the chat one cannot help but have fun when he is around.  His random comments and good humor bring a smile to everyone who has the pleasure of knowing him.

Bruiser is our resident writer!  Though she just recently started to come back to chat, I have gotten to know her sort of well and I wish once again that somehow the friends I met on here were much closer to me.  She is, as with most of the members, funny smart and a real asset to the room.  Her silly antics and fuel to the Levi fire, they make a fun duo.  Huddling under the blanket trying to keep warm and enjoying her Orange cookies which she wont spill the recipe to. She is a great writer, and I hope to one day reading her book.  Her humor about her height and her hobbit hole of a home add to her intrigue and fun.  Like many of the night chatters she is there to have fun, to be with friends and to forget a little of what happened during her day. It is always nice to hear her stories about her bad day at work, the former Mr. Hottie or her going ons  with her Blog and Book querying.  Always one to encourage and help others when they are down, receiving the same when she has those days as well. 

I am so glad to have the night crew people :) these are just two of the many more i have yet to write on...

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Few European Friendlies

Well since I do not know these Europeans very well, but still know that they are a constant fixture of the chat room and a lot of fun to talk with, I thought I would do a posting about a few members all at once!

Let us start with Victor.  This guy can be a real hoot, he can be so fun and entertaining to read and I believe him to be a genuinely nice guy.  Even in real life, the subject of a person's preferences can be a touchy subject, you are afraid to ask though you think that maybe perhaps possibly they may be on the side that likes the same sex.  Well that is how it was with me and Victor, I sort of thought he was, but I didn't want to say "HEY ARE YOU GAY?" and be all rude and inconsiderate about it, but he is super sweet and is happy about his orientation and I am glad the chat has him. He'll put on a hula skirt and dance for you when "Wonders of the New World" comes up.  He'll tell you how great your pick is, if it is something he loves as well, be it emotional or epic, he has wonderful taste in music scores.  He'll make those funny sexual innuendos that you cannot help but giggle at.  He probably looks great in pink, and he will gladly let you think so (though I've never seen a photo so I cannot judge). His is a very sweet boyfriend as well, as seen from the few times he has brought up some issues with his, how much he cares and can be frustrated with him.  But I know he cares and I think his bf is very lucky to have him, I hope he knows this!!

Sockenfussel (love that nickname) is a sweet lady who knows how to have a good laugh!  She brought the Men in Tights score to SST, for that I (and many others) will be forever grateful. She is also a genuinely good humored person, knows how to be silly and have fun, which is always a good thing. She is sweet and caring, always asking how others are doing, ensuring people are having a good day. Tinkerbelle is along these same lines as well.  Both I have not known very long, but both have made a significant impact of the chat life I think.  Tinkerbelle is now infamous for her hugs and her fairy dustings.  She is also a nice lady, who I think brings a lot of life into the chat. Though she may be 'little' she has a big personality and has made herself a well known chatter in a short while.

I can only think of Masked_Platypus as another I know fairly well, but even with him that is a far stretch,  Needless to say, he will offer you a hug whenever he greets you and will be a devious little masked mammal for as long as he can manage.  He has the proper air of a Frenchman, the lure that comes with that and the kindness that one doesn't always expect.  The other Frenchman who frequents, is Nathanael, if it be cheese you want, he will cover you 10 times over.  I am not around for much of his cheezy antics, but the little I do catch is rather hilarious and fun to watch.  How he can like and incorporate so many cheeses into chat I will never know, but I guess that is a French specialty?  Either way, one can never have too much cheese!

I know there are more, but I fear I did not even do these 5 justice.  One hopes a little something can be gleamed from the nonsense...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Importance of Cookies

It may be silly, but cookies (as virtual as the may be) play an important part in chat.

When the mere mention of them is made in chat many members go bug-eyed. They are something awesome and undeniably good to eat, warm yummy thoughts always come to me when I hear their mentioned.  But it is funny because they can be used as a very good tool to get people to do things, or seen as the reason to do many things.  here is a little example from Chat today:

Redjack_Ryan: Building a LEGO model that functions with motors. And what's cooler than that? Same thing, but with actual lights Cool 
kellybug: Building LEGO models while eating cookies..?
Redjack_Ryan: That too, kelly

I just saw that so I posted it, but of course there are other long past chats that had similar responses to the awesomeness of the cookie!   It is a very good way to get Leviathan to behave, if you dare mention them you'd better have enough for everyone.  Rukia's sword was turned into one that sprouted cookies, just cause that would somehow be more awesome than the usual ice it put out.

What is it about the cookies that creates such a response from so many? I know that cookies are good, I love to bake them, try new kinds and even send them to friends.  But virtual ones?  i suppose perhaps it is the knowledge of what they are in real life that the online chatter cannot help but get giddy about cookies in chat.  True, not all members are lured in by the offer of cookies, but a fair few are in that group.  Not that it is at all a bad thing, I love a cookie whenever I can get them.. It is just funny to see sometimes the reactions that come about due to cookies. Such a simple food item, yet no other can beat it out for most prized virtual food item (except maybe bacon, but I detest the stuff so it doesn't get my vote). 

Moral of the post, when bringing cookies, ensure there are plenty for all and do not abuse the power of the cookie on other members...

Friday, January 8, 2010


Another lady of the chat room, did not want this to be male dominated! Cinder is another that has been around a while and I have come to see her as a motherly figure in the chat.  She is a hoot to talk to, such a fun character and a wonderful poster in the forums.  I first got to talking with Cin when I expressed my love of cooking, she was a member of a email group that sent out recipes on the weekends.  So our friendship I could say started from our mutual love of foods!  She is always one to suggest certain food recipes if you are in search, websites that offer a plethora of recipe ideas and any other silly useful food items you may need.

She is a platinum member of the MFC (Morricone Fan Club) and always has her tissues at hand come "Once Upon a Time in the West." She has such a motherly nature, she certainly made me feel welcomed when I first braved the chat.  She will keep you updated with the latest jokes and funny pictures on the net, ensuring you always have a laugh at least once a day.   Sometimes her postings can be really random, but whats like without a little random-ness?  She is the advocate of 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' on SST and for that I will be happy every September.  She really can get you into feel, with all her pirate themed jokes or postings, trying the best to make everyone have a little fun.

While I will always think of her as the SST foodie extraordinaire, she is so much more than that.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bein' Green

Well, hello news, I got promoted to Moderator status on SST!  So now I too am a greenie! I think it will be a good experience, lots to learn along the way I suppose.

So I thought I'd do a posting today on my fellow Greens.  I honestly do not know all the moderators very well, Nate was the most known to me, as seen in a previous posting.  But I have been on this side of the ocean and the other so I think i have had a fair chance to see all the moderators at work and get a semi-good picture of them.  Alchemist and SiriusCreations are the European ones, Sirius being promoted last year was the newest member of the group.  Alchemist is not a big chatter, usually on at work so obviously busy with all that fun stuff that is a job.   He is a huge Hisaishi fan though and usually a song from that composer can bring him out of lurk mode, even if only for a few minutes. In my observation he keeps to himself mostly, not really talking much but being a proactive help on the site whenever needed.  Sirius is also a genuinely nice guy, I think he holds the record for most SST meetings!  He has met a lot of members and I have only heard positive things about their encounters.  Sirius seems to me as one always willing to help when needed, to go the extra mile to make things a little easier for others and to ensure all runs smooth.

The American moderators are another three gentlemen who I could say are the complete opposite of each other.  Obi-son and Jbarta are the silly ones, always out for a laugh, being as silly as one could be.  While jb tends to lurk often enough, Obi gets around and he is always a laugh to have around.  His epic Smith battles were a thing of legend. I don't know either very well, this is all just what I've seen over the few years. J2Brown is the more serious of the bunch, and he certainly knows it.  He is the enforcer of the rules while he is in chat.  Although he is a Virginian, he'll greet you with a "Howdy," maybe he picked it up from Woody, who knows. But he does an excellent job of reminding you to change your fire alarm batteries and switch your clocks for daylight savings time, always a helpful reminder. 

From the view of all the mods listed above, it seems it is best to sit back, retain your aura of authority and never get too personal with anyone.  I laughed when I first entered chat today, being green for the first time, and Nessy said she thought it strange that a mod would hug her!  I didn't see any reason to stop being ME as I've created in chat, but it struck a note with me.  Are moderators just watchful guardians?  Perhaps, maybe I do talk too much.  The bar from the other mods would set that up as a standard, but I do not want to be like that.  Nothing wrong with them, of course, they are great as is. 

Well I suppose this was a little off, but Mod observations are never easy...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Andres: Class in Chat

Well I had to sit and think about this one, who to do next?  It seems people are reading this (more than Fury) so I had to come up with someone good!

Thus we have Andres, known to both the Day and Evening chatters. (split between those who come on at work and those who come on after working hours) Andres is another wonderful member, a great long time addition to the chat and one could even note that he is the backbone of the night crew!  He always seems to be there, if he isn't then things are a little off for the evening. I think of Andres and I smile, he is such a fun, intelligent guy that one cannot help but like him.  If he isn't going on about his newest coffee love, the man has coffee brewing down to an art, then he could tell you about his Violin making hobby or various political issues that he seems to know everything about. He is witty in his remarks, tells things as he knows them to be and is always willing to play silly man if there is a need.

He loves to go on about "Golden Age" scores (smile and smirk at that title) and Jerry Goldsmith is smiling in his grave due to fans like Andres, and Pete but that's another posting. I love to listen to him go on about the pure vision of Star Trek and how Alien 3 messed with the true vision of the first movie.  I haven't given him a face-hug in a while, I think that is in order! He speaks with words that sometimes make you wish we still lived in an age where words were like poetry and used to create a richer more colorful world than you see with your eyes. Not always, sure he can be a normal chatter at times, but those moments I enjoy. I feel that I learn something from Andres on a nightly basis, his links on news articles or random information always seem useful somehow.

Always willing to give you advice if you require, making sure to sound like the Adult with clear concise and strongly, yet subtly, worded responses. He is genuinely a nice guy, one I think would be a delight to meet in person one day.  We'll go for coffee and tea! 

Observation 1: You are never to old to chat.
Observation 2:  Having strong opinions makes for interesting chat debates
Observation 3:  Kitchen habits are always interesting tid-bits about a person 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chat Life

Not a member posting, just a general observation of the chat life dynamic.

You could say that a chat room is like a family, at least the sort on SST where only a certain type of individual find their way to the site.  I'll say that the SST chat is my online family, as cheezy or weird as that may be. As with every family, you have a wide variety of character...those you can stand and those you cant are the broadest categories to place the members in.  Needless to say, most members I can tolerate, the few I can't I try not to let bother me.

I have never been in a chat room quite like that on SST, everyone seems to be very close somehow.  I was intimidated at first to start chatting, took me a few weeks after I joined to say hello.  But I am glad I did.  I know of no where else where the people are so friendly, funny, random and entertaining.  A few words can bring about random silly acts, last night we remembered 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' where we set sail on the virtual high seas! No where else could I continually make a member laugh every time I misspell something, POASTE!!! (She has a running list now of my silly mistakes)

I have had the most fun in an evening, just hanging out on that site. People have set up their reputations, how they enter/leave the site, how they say hello to others, how they will react and act to different things.  Sit there long enough and you cant help but see patterns and create ideas of these people...


Another member today!  This time it is a guy of some importance, in the regard that he is a moderator on the site so that makes him have some authority over the commoners. He has also been a member of the site for a while, 2004 was his sigh up date.  If i could sum him up in one sentence it would be that he is ever the diplomat, rarely taking a side on any issue.  Does he like it?  He hasn't listened enough to make a formal decision.  Did he like the movie?  It was ok, the story was not engaging or the characters left him wanting.

Do not get me wrong, Nate is an awesome guy.  He is calm, he can take a lot of teasing and he can put on a neutral face to keep the annoying members at bay. He can dish out sarcasm unlike anyone else on the site, getting to know him is getting to know when he is serious or when he is just being sarcastic.  Observing him in chat will never let you know who Nate truly is, he is the type to never really open up or tell you what is on his mind.  The chat side of Nate is a serious guy, becoming a less frequent face in the chat as life becomes more busy.  What is he busy with?  You will never know.  In this regard he is the complete opposite of the previous member, rarely telling you what he is up to. 

He also breaks the stereotype of night members on the site.  My observation, take it as nothing more than that, is those who frequent the site at night do so because they are without any other form of entertainment, be it social engagements or other things to be busy with.  Yet he was always on more at night but he didn't seem to come there for the company of other members, he somehow seems to be above that need.  How he does it I am still trying to figure out. How is it that he is so happy to be alone?  Or is he just unwilling to admit to anything?  All i can do is guess!  He can be such a fun and silly guy, easy to make anyone laugh.  He is also very much a people person, he talks with others very easily and yet that again goes against his outward appearance of not needing any company.  If he ever will read this, I think he would laugh at me.  Isn't everyone at this point?

Observation 1: Being green sure isn't easy, but it gives you something more to stand on.
Observation 2: Being able to let everything never bother you has its perks.
Observation 3: No matter how long you've known someone online, you still truly do not know them.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Nessy: Our beloved German Sheep

I was only going to do one a day, but I am bored, so no one keeps track I am sure...

The next member is our dear Nessy, a good friend I have made who lives in beloved Deutschland.  I have even been schooling in a city right south of her, but alas I did not know it at the time.  Observations only go so far, but you can tell a lot about someone who likes to share it all.  Nessy can be described as a sweet girl who lets too many things get to her.  She has been through a lot through this past year, nothing is trivial.  I can say this for sure, she is young and has a lot yet to learn.  She use to often make her entrance in to chat with all the angry emoticons she could muster, and it was becoming common place for others to think she was always mad or upset about something every day.  When she first entered the site, she was very sensitive about what people addressed her as and what could be said. Now she has matured a bit, her english is a lot better and I think her year at SST has helped her grow. 

I love the girl dearly, I hope that she will learn more as she goes to University next year.  Trivial things are not worth the worry, many of the chatters have tried to help Nessy with that, I think she is slowly catching on. Nessy has her strong opinions about which actors she likes, which shows she loves and she does like to obsess over them as often as possible.  You can catch her giggling now in chat, I am much more happy for that than her upset smilies. 

Can one truly grow by knowing people online?  I think so, Nessy is a good example of that. I said it above, she has grown a lot since she has been on the site.  I see her opening up more, becoming more comfortable meeting new people and more willing to take chances.  Her trip to the USA this coming summer is a great example of that.   Have i said too much?

Observation 1, never be afraid to tell the entire chat room whats going on, someone somewhere will care.
Observation 2, even that person who thinks they are most logical, has their illogical moments.
Observation 3, being the friendly little fluffy animal helps make online friends quick!

...i swear this is the last one today


I think it would be appropriate to start with the most important member, to me, on the site.

I met him, online at least, in May of 2009. Although he has been a member since the site began, mid 2002, he was not around much. Happenstance that he showed back up when I was there. His SST name is Furyen, and no it is not based off of the Vin Diesel movie, something random he invented way back whenever. My observations of him are now a bit skewed since I have met him in person twice, and we are in a relationship. But it all began with a simple chat post. What can one convey through words without seeing the person's expressions? It is hard, always the chance of misinterpretation, but flirting is usually rather easy to observe. To me in those first months, he was a blessing. Engaging me with questions, ensuring my evenings were not boring. He then stated that he came on just to chat with me, how could a girl refuse that?

His words were simple, his questions probing, he asked me the color of my car and would love to guess, never getting it right of course. He came off as a sweet guy, though that is easy to fake in a chat room. But I had other member to ensure that those thoughts were correct. He joined the site for the sole fact that he loved score music and the online radio was an easy way to listen to new things and to meet people who shared his interests. He had the reputation of hating every score, especially Hans Zimmer (though side note he now LoVeS the Holmes score). Elliot Goldenthal was his hero and no one could challenge that. He came off as cocky and set in his ways, loving a good score debate.

If I could sum up anything about Furyen, it is that how a person acts online in a chat room is only the side they allow you to see, meeting them in person is something completely different. I guess that is a benchmark for this blog, most of the friends I have there, and those members who are not friends, I have never met and likely will not ever meet. It is something completely different to meet them in person. The few times I have done it, its been amazingly fun, but that is for another posting.

Furyen, to you I will be forever glad I found my way to SST.


Is this where I establish my credibility on this topic? Well all I can say is that I have been a member of the site for two years and three months, I suppose that gives me a little authority, though not much. Thus this is a blog on observations, what I see and perceive.

We were joking today on chat that a book could be written about the chatroom, the crazy antics that go on there and all the interesting people that make their presence known on the site. I was inspired to blog about it instead of write a book, because frankly i am not a writer, just a girl who finds it a nice hobby. I wanted to blog about something for a long while, but had no idea what to do. So the two ideas came together and here we have this, a blog about Streaming Soundtrack chatters.

I have a lot of friends on the site, I love to hear their stories, their daily problems and how they are doing in general. I figured I would start with one person, write a bit of observation, then move on. Multiple posts per member are inevitable, afterall, we constantly learn about our online friends! I will leave this as an intro and start the observations next posting!

Till then...Score music is life