Monday, November 22, 2010

Meeting the Kat...!

I got the privileged to meet Kat this past weekend...spurred by the desire to go see Harry Potter 7.1 with someone else I drove the 4 hours down to San Antonio and spent the weekend meeting another virtual friend.

Going into this meeting was a bit different from others, I was not entirely sure what to expect but I still had a wonderful time meeting the person behind the persona! In any sort of meeting, you go into it with a set of expectations, what the person was like online and how that will differ, or be similar to, their actions in the real world....If anyone knows Kat well, they know Kat is very playful and funny and extremely cute, very much a cat in the chat and sticks to that idea. Of course Kat is not really a cat ;o) sorry to burst any bubbles...but the real Kat was still fun, enjoyable and great fun to just sit around to talk with. We had fun seeing Harry, talking about the cute patronous for Umbridge (the blue cat was far too cute for her) and other random topics that came to mind...Kat was also a very good tour guide, we had fun walking the river of San Antonio and I learned more Texas history at the Alamo! Yay for learning!

The meeting with Kat further showed that no matter how much you talk to someone online it can never replace that face to face meeting and the real hugs one can give. But I was glad I still got the opportunity to go down I can add what i know of the real Kat to all those conversations yet to be had in the SST chat room...


Eileen said...

totally agree :). I wish that I could be there too!!

Kat said...

Awww *blush* I must say that meeting the Jade was equally enjoyable and was great fun. I only wish that it could have lasted longer than the time we had. *shakes paw at our work schedules* I'm happy my street knowledge came in handy. We did so many fun things both random and planned, from creating foil kitty sculptures to walking the streets of downtown =) I really didn't know what to expect either, but it definitely beat my expectations. I'm happy we had so much to talk about. I must thank J.K. Rowling for her creation of Harry Potter. Who would have known her work, after many years, would become the impetus for us two to finally meet in person? The movie was great and made all the better with her company. (I'm glad popcorn guy and giggle boy seated next to us didn't ruin the experience. And yes, Umbridge's patronus cat needed to be ploofier and snooty, like the cat in the Fancy Feast commercials that I don't like.)

I look forward to next time. Yay for learning and real hugs! =^.^=

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