Sunday, May 23, 2010

...and the winner is?

A silly thing happened in chat, a posting on how random things said lead to more random things and results that really mean nothing...

It is Elmer's fault, him and his goal of stirring up a sort of dead chat got me supposedly challenging him to who was 'better' than the other.  Nessy came up with the little idea of having a poll in the forums to see who other chatters though was better.  I thought it funny, Elmer put up a good fight by promoting the sillyness in the chat and I mostly let it slip by.  Turned out i got the most votes (though Elmer was winning at first) but I think that was the case only because more people knew who I was so Elmer had a bit of a disadvantage there.  Same goes for round two, which Nessy again started, who could get the most requests dedicated to them, double the points if the track had the person's real name in the title.  I thought Elmer had won that, but I won again (who knew?)

I just wanted to bring it up because I thought it amusing that Elmer would think of that or that Nessy would take the little idea and go to the forums, and request box, with it.  I honestly do not think I am better, just more known to other members than Elmer is.  I thought though that it is fun to see how nothing is ever really the same in chat.  Sure the usual people show up at their usual times.  Usual topics of conversation come through the chat. But sometimes, when things get slow or dead, people like Elmer who want things to  be a little more fun or are just bored at work, take things in a totally different direction. Now is that unique to SST? doubtful, but SST is unique in so many other ways, I doubt it would have gone so well otherwise.  Other willingly participated in the fun and Elmer I think enjoyed himself and is secretly waiting to call a rematch!

..I am sure Elmer is better at a great many things, but I win for being older than him on SST!


Ian said...

And a new rivalry is born....

I see two future contestants for the Match Game thread.

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