Friday, May 7, 2010


Thanks to my wonderful chat buddies bru and rukia for the suggestion :)

It was mentioned that real life occurrences, foods or items seem to remind some of SST people, I think that is common enough since you spend enough time with a certain person, unique characteristics develop that are distinctly associated with that person and when theat characteristic shows up in real life you cannot help but remember.  Levi started it with saying that eating a taco at lunch reminded him or rukia.  Of course, any night person would get this reference.  Rukia and Levi have a long history of tacos (another one of those mystical chat food items that demand the utmost reverence) and although rukia seems to still have a really old taco in her fridge, TQA, she usually treats the tacos with love.  So then Bru and Rukia went ahead and wrote other things that reminded them of chatters...

bruiser: i had root beer with lunch.
bruiser: and i thought of levi and ruk
bruiser: every time i see a tutu i think of Petey
Rukia: every time i see/smell coffee i think of andres
bruiser: and when i see a black kitty i thnk of jadey and sydney
Rukia: levi = Zim, buffy, rootbeer,tacos,bacon
Rukia: nate = when anything goes wrong
Rukia: jade = kitties,simba,nala
Rukia: Redjack = lego, bacon, sing along disney tunes
bruiser: BP - Indian food, Morricone
Rukia: bru = bale, future famous authors

Silly, but funny...I could add a few more...I think of bru and rukia, mostly bru, when anything Harry Potter comes up. Rukia is also the Lion King wife, so everything associated with that is a remembrance of her and the lines she must be citing when a song comes up from the soundtrack.  The coffee and Andres association are of course linked as well, he is such a connoisseur one can not but help to think of his expertly brewed coffee when seeing it. Also, tofu.  I saw it at the store, though of him and wondered if it had enough protein to suit his requirements!  I don't mind the stuff, but it is funny how something so simple can bring a thought.

Well thats all that comes to my mind...who and what do YOU think of?


Rukia said...

Just thought of two more :)

Exocet = Ziyi

Pete = wimmenz and mustaches

sockenfussel said...

nathan = cheeeese
Platypus= tango :D

but that's just the obvious ;)

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