Monday, April 12, 2010

Elmer...Canadians to the rescue!!

Well here it is, Elmer has interested me enough to feel that a blog post should be written...also I am coming up short on new ideas about SST!  BUT, new member posts are always welcomed I suppose...

First off, Elmer is a great guy, how could one who loves Bear McCreary music not be awesome?! He is from Canada, and while Pete would warn you against the women there Elmer seems to be a nice example of the species.  He is fairly new as well, so it goes a lot towards his credit that he has stuck it out this long, found a place to fit and and perhaps make a few friends as well.  He was even asking for our facebook pages, its officials, we have been friended!!  He also has tested the waters with Istagi and his new Thanator pet Fluffmuppet, so again that is another good example of his strong character. Not many see the face of Istagi and live to come back to chat another day.  He is a friend of the cookie love, happy to have another cookie fiend in the grouping of course. It really does make me happy to see new people who become a part of that fixed chat presence. Most often they come, stay a few days, then not seen again, but Elmer really has made a name for himself.

I do not know much else about him, one of the non personal types, but that is peachy.  He is a BMCFC! member, a friend who loves good music, what else is there that needs to be known? I have not seen him get into the really silly stuff, but he is a working member so I suppose work chat does not get as crazy...though it has it's moments of course. He has shown that he can go with the silly turns as Istagi is unpredictable.  He has also shown a keen liking to LMarrese, but who doesn't? Besides Pete that is...The Canadians were bound to unite at some point, too bad (as mentioned earlier) Elmer has not met Arya...maybe their paths will cross one of these days...Canadians are not always represented in big numbers, but those few members that make themselves known are certainly sure to be unique elements in the chat...


Anonymous said...

Thanks jade, for such a fond review. ;) I can tell you that SST is a unique and wonderous place where anything and everything happens. From the moment I said hi I felt welcome. Thank you all for making my first chat experience so great. Yes that does include istagi. BMCFC!!!!!! ;D


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